Don Pilar Extra Añejo (750ml)

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This is a must , I did open a bottle today , and I love it . Very smooth with very well done , you could tell the test ultra elegant . Mr. Don pilar did it again. The bottle is heavy and in a very well done wood and glass box. (Zack) From Don Pilar : Tequila Don Pilar Extra AñejoExtra añejo. Extra amazing. Artisanally-crafted with one-hundred percent Blue Agave harvested from the Highland-estate ranches of Don José Pilar Contreras. This Extra Añejo's remarkable profile comes from double-oak aging. First aged for over sixteen months in virgin American White Oak barrels, and then finished in French Limousin oak barrels for an additional four months. Behold the intense amber-crimson color, velvet richness and sweet oak aroma. Don Pilar's distillers artfully crafted this tequila--slowly steam-cooking the agave, using the Mozart Method of fermentation, double-distilling, filtering and slowly maturing in two different casks. The result—an award-winning, ultra-premium sipping experience. Learn more at