Chinaco Anejo (750ml)

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Savor this tequila treasure like a fine cognac. Chinaco Añejo shares the same attack, intensity, and complexity as its predecessors, but has graduated to a rich, amber color. The aromas are intense, dominated by earthy agave with a strong presence of pepper, citrus, chamomile, caramel, smoke, and butterscotch with a hint of wild flowers, vanilla and baked apple. The tequila has a velvety character, and while oily, it seems dry, an amazing accomplishment.   TASTING NOTES   COLOR: Rich golden amber. AROMA: Hints of pear, wild flowers, vanilla, smoke and baked apple, edged with papaya and mango. TASTE: Rich and complex, with exceptional depth and balance, ending in a luscious, spicy, and smokey finish. RECOMMENDATION: Enjoy in a sniffer or on-the-rocks.